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Please enjoy these resources on the Internet:

All You Need Is Paper: Why Antique Valentines Still Melt Modern Hearts - by Lisa Hix, Collectors Weekly, February 11, 2016

Article at the Ephemera Resources Blog of the Curator of the John Johnson Collection at the Bodelian Library, Oxford University, United Kingdom
For One Romantic, Vintage Valentines Tell Stories of Love - February 2012 article on NJ Today
"For Valentine's Day, a Collector of Hearts" article - Charles Osgood CBS Sunday Morning, February 13, 2011 and "Collector's Rare Valentine's Day Cards" video from February 19. 2011

Adding Flight to the Wings of Cupid: Postal Delivery of the Valentine by Nancy Rosin - Feature article in The American Stamp Dealer & Collector magazine, February 2011

Valentines Through the Ages - Article at Wyckoff-Franklin Lakes Patch, February 6, 2011
Presentation Fraktur - Article at FrakturWeb
En fotos: la historia del Día de San Valentín - BBC Mundo, February 14, 2011 (for all the Spanish speaking world)
Card collectors have endless love for vintage valentines - The Dallas Morning News, February 12, 2011

Collecting Valentines - American Profile magazine article, February 3, 2011
The Ephemera of Love Interview - A November 21, 2008 interview by Marty Weil for his website, ephemera - exploring the world of old paper

Franklin Lakes woman a leading collector of vintage and antique valentines - February 5, 2010 article on www.northjersey.com by Mike Kerwick, The Record newspaper
Collecting Victorian Expressions of Love - An article in Victoriana.com online magazine, January, 2008
The Valentine – A Tribute to Love - An article in Victoriana.com online magazine February, 2008
The Language of Valentines - This is a gardening website, and the article has wonderful use of Valentine images for floral enthusiasts

The Cobbold Family History Trust - And an announcement about Elizabeth Cobbold papercut valentines
Collecting Valentines with Nancy
at Martha Stewart Living
Poems To Go by Amy Gumley
Collecting Those Hearts (CBS Sunday Morning, Feb. 7, 2001)
The Scrap Album by Malcolm Warrington
Ephemera Associates (now at Ephemera Catalog)
Ben Crane's The Trade Card Place
The Ephemera Society of America, Inc.

And Please check these wonderful sites, for whom I write articles!

The Guild of American Papercutters: www.papercutters.org
The Victorian Era Online Magagine: www.Victoriana.com



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